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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What does CheckurDeals offer?
CheckurDeals is a perfect one stop destination for all your shopping needs. We do not sell any products or services ourselves but search for the best online deals available to make shopping a stress-free and happy experience. Our aim is to offer our customers a curated collection of quality products of desirable brands and also help our brand partners reach out to a large number of consumers at one go.

Do you sell the products on your site?
CheckurDeals doesn't sell any of the products listed on its site. We only report the very best deals offered online by thousands of merchants. We aim to save our readers both time and money by pointing them to the best bargains, deals and coupons available on the web.

How do I buy a product from your site?
Each deal we list contains the merchant name and a link to the deal on the merchant's website. Click on this link and follow their instructions for making the purchase. If you have any questions about the product or the price, contact the merchant before you make the purchase.

How do I check my order status?
CheckurDeals does not process any orders. All the orders are processed directly by the stores from where you make your purchases from. The status of your order can be checked directly with the store. If you do not remember the store from which you purchased, check your email inbox and spam filter. Most stores send order confirmations to the email address you provided when you ordered.

What can I do if I received a wrong product , damaged product  or the billing is incorrect?
If you received a wrong item or a damaged product, contact the store immediately informing them about it. Incase you want to return the product, you can check the store’s return policy and follow the directions stated there. Incorrect billing should also be reported to the store as well as the credit card provider.

Does your site sell or share information with third parties?
At CheckurDeals, we respect an individual's right to privacy and we do not provide any information to third parties. We may occasionally provide readers the opportunity to receive special offers from third parties, but these are only sent when an individual checks a box indicating that they give us permission to send them.