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Regular Price : $94.99
You pay : $39.96
You Save : $ 55.03 (57%)
Expires: In Limited Time

Hewlett Packard HP 45 Black (51645A) & HP 23 Tri Color (C1823D) Combo-Pack of 4 Replacement Ink Cartridge

Product Description:

We carry a variety of Replacement Inkjet Cartridge models at the discount price with genuine quality and satisfaction. This high quality inkjet cartridge was professionally re-engineered in a manufacturing facility that uses state of the art processes to insure that this Inkjet Cartridge will print as well as the original. It will be ideal for professional images, photo prints, and quality output.

Product Specification
Model Name HP 45 (51645A), HP 23 (C1823D)
Product type Replacement Inkjet Cartridge
Color 3 Black, 1 Tri-color
Contents 833 ml for Black, 39 ml for Tri Color
Cartridge duty cycle 833 Page Yield @ 5% for each Black, 690 Page Yield @ 5% for Tri Color
Quantity 4 Packs Inkjet Cartridge
Compatible Printers with HP 45 (51645A) & HP 23 (C1823D) Replacement Inkjet Cartridge
HP Color Copier 140
HP Color Copier 145
HP Color Copier 150
HP Color Copier 155
HP Color Copier 160
HP Color Copier 170
HP Color Copier 260
HP Color Copier 270
HP DeskJet 1120C
HP DeskJet 1120Cse
HP DeskJet 1120Cxi
HP DeskJet 710
HP DeskJet 710C
HP DeskJet 712
HP DeskJet 712C
HP DeskJet 720
HP DeskJet 720C
HP DeskJet 722
HP DeskJet 722C
HP DeskJet 782
HP DeskJet 782C
HP DeskJet 815
HP DeskJet 815C
HP DeskJet 830
HP DeskJet 830C
HP DeskJet 832
HP DeskJet 832C
HP DeskJet 880
HP DeskJet 880C
HP DeskJet 882
HP DeskJet 882C
HP DeskJet 890
HP DeskJet 890C
HP DeskJet 890CSE
HP DeskJet 890Cxi
HP DeskJet 895
HP DeskJet 895C
HP DeskJet 895Cse
HP DeskJet 895Cxi
HP OfficeJet 1170
HP OfficeJet 1170c
HP OfficeJet R40
HP OfficeJet R60
HP OfficeJet R80
HP OfficeJet T45
HP OfficeJet T45xi
HP OfficeJet T46
HP OfficeJet T65
HP OfficeJet T65xi
Note: The product image is for demonstrating purpose only. Actual product appearance may vary.