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Regular Price : $34.99
You pay : $23.99
You Save : $ 11 (31%)
Expires: In Limited Time

Pronyl OTC Max Dog Flea & Tick Sqz-On, 45-88lbs 3 ea

Product Description:


Starts Killing Fleas & Ticks in as Little as One Hour!


3 Month Supply

           Kills Fleas

  •  Kills Ticks
  • Kills Chewing Lice
  • Waterproof
  • Prevents & Controls Reinfestation of Listed Pests for 30 Days

Sergeant's® Pronyl OTC™ MAX for Dogs topical flea and tick treatment contains the same veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, found in Frontline® brand products.  The power of fipronil is maximized by adding a second active ingredient.  The patent-pending combination of active ingredients starts to kill fleas and ticks in minutes, even faster than Frontline® Plus!*  It works so fast, it stops reinfestation of fleas, ticks and chewing lice and maintains high efficacy for 30 days, protecting pets and homes.

3 - 0.091 fl oz (2.68 ml) Applicators ~ Total Net Wt. 0.273 fl oz (8.04 ml)

*In studies comparing the efficacy of Pronyl OTC® MAX for dogs Frontline Plus for dogs, more fleas and ticks died within the first hour after initial application of Pronyl OTC MAX for dogs.  Frontline is a registered trademark of Merial.  Pronyl OTC MAX is not manufactured by or distributed by Merial.  Pronyl OTC MAX contains fipronil combined with a second active ingredient.





Wear latex gloves when applying product.  Wash hands with soap and water after application.  Avoid contact with treated area until dry.  Do not re-apply more often than every 30 days.  Store this product in its original packaging out of reach of children and animals.  Do not use this product on people.  Do not share this medication with other animals of the same or different species.  Do not contaminate food or water and dispose of the packaging properly.  Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take this product.  Potential side effects:  A temporary irritation may develop at the site of administration.  The application site may appear wet or oily for 24 hours.  Individual sensitivities can occur after using any pesticide.  Observe your pet following treatment.  If signs occur and persist, or become more severe within a few days of application, contact your veterinarian.  For use only on dogs 45 – 88 lbs, over 12 weeks of age.  Do not use on cats.  Keep out of reach of children.